Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Lacy Girl!

Today is Lacy's Birthday!  She is my little DIVA.  I love her so dang much, and can't believe she is 14 years old!  It is crazy.  Here is my top ten of why I LOVE her...

1.  Best SNUGGLE bug ever.
2.  Sweet texts she sends me.
3.  She is beautiful.
4.  Kinda a weirdo.... like me :)
5.  We get to share clothes... usually she wears more of mine!
6.  She keeps me updated on all the new trendy songs.
7.  She is so kind to mostly everyone, and has tons of friends.
8.  She talks to me when I am bored.
9.  Always speaks her mind
10.  She is just the BEST sissy ever!  

Love you to death girly!  Or should I say a young women! hahaa


Dizzle said...

you are right. she is beautiful and full of life but what do you expect she had good role models!!!!!!

Unknown said...

look at all the cute modest outfits- tank with the utah presh.

Unknown said...

new post please...