Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok.  Top three reasons I hate Ogden
1- It's ugly
2- It means I am only half way to Salt Lake
3- Cops
So about 2 weeks ago I was driving to SLC, and passing through Ogden.  I am coughing my head off, look up in my rearview mirror to see a car is on my butt, and so I hurry and get over (without signaling).  Next thing I know lights are flashing.  I am getting pulled over.  I am freaking out because I don't know why I am being pulled over...I know I am not speeding.  I get over to the side of the road, and Officer Notsofriendly approaches my car.  He tells me that he clocked me going 80 mph and that I did not signal.  In my head I am thinking, did he really just pull me over for going 5 miles over the speed limit?  Wow, he must not have anything better to do.  So then he asks me how my driving record is.  I tell him that it is good, and that I have no tickets, thinking I am getting brownie points and am going to get out of this.  Boy was I wrong.  He reappears at my car and tells me that I was going 15 mph over the speed limit! I was like what?! I was only going 80!  He then told me that the speed limit changed to 65 a half mile ago!  1/2 mile people!  EWWWWWWW!  I am so bugged.  Then he is like I will give you a break and only cite you for 10 over, and a warning on the failure to signal.  I was like whatever, thank you, and goodbye!  Don't worry the story does not end there.  Today I call to pay the ticket, and the lady is like you can't pay it until you provide proof of insurance.  Um, hi.  I totally gave the cop my insurance and he did not put it in the system!  I am IRATE at this point.  So she is like you have to come to Ogden to show us proof.  Great.  It is not like it's finals week and I have nothing better to do.  Then I ask her how much my ticket was going to be, she replies $165!  WTF?!  "WHY?"  I ask her and she goes on to tell me that I got cited for speeding, and for not signaling.  The stupid cop lied to me!  Ew... I hate him.  Not only did he not put down my insurance, but he totally lied to me!  So I drove my booty down to Ogden to set up a court date to fight my ticket, because they would not set one up over the phone!  EEEEEWWWWW!  I have never disliked someone so bad!  I hope he shoots himself in the foot.  So my court date is January 6....pray for me! hahaha  I am done venting now.