Sunday, August 10, 2008

I LOVE my Gramps!

So it has been a year now since my dear Grandpa Clark has passed away, and I have been thinking a lot about him.  I just want everyone to know what a kind grandpa I had.  He was always telling me how beautiful I am, and asking me if I was "chasin the boys" yet.  I spent so much time at Grandma and Grandpas growing up, and cherish all the memories that I got to make with them.  I just want to write a quick list of some of my favorite memories of my Grandpa.  I am sure my cousins have a lot of these as well...
Making me laugh by taking his teeth out
Getting his "buggs"
Playings hours of Hand and Foot
Being baptized... he said he was going to put ice in the water and hold me down!  haha
Fudge on my birthday
The farm in the mornings
Singing.  Far, far too much singing
Jazz Games
Gas Stations
Not being able to tell if he is looking at me or not
Scary sneezes
Pinches on my bum
Playing jokes on him... finger on the forehead
Going to the ranch
Crazy driving
Pouting when loosing a game
Beautiful white hair
Chirstmas Mornings
These are just a few things that I love about my Grandpa.  I really do miss him SO much, and I feel so grateful that he is MY Gramps.  I am glad that I have such an amazing person to look up to, and  to follow his example.  I cannot wait until I get to see him again.  I LOVE YOU GRANDPA!


Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to Grandpa. I know that he appreciates it. He will certainly never be forgotten.

Heath & Ege said...

Hey Girl. Great post. You Grandpa has a been a close family friend of my family for years. He was an amazing man and just a lot of fun to be around.

Camie said...

Nikki. That was a special post. Its funny that I can remember so many of those same things as you. He truely was 'one of a kind.' We love you gramps!

crazyhorse said...

Thanks, Nikki, for the rememberance of Grandpa. I liked the picture you posted with your comments. I don't remember of seeing it before. Love you, Grandma H.

Haley Houston said...

I don't know about you but i know that i could go on of hours of saying things about grandpa. He was truly the best grandpa ever.the one about grandpa pinching our bums is so true Love Cousin Haley Houston