Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yay For Independence Day!

I had a BLAST this 4th of July.  Shalie, Sita, Ella, and I left Friday morning for the Lucky 7 Ranch in Hatch, Utah.  Where is Hatch you may be asking?  Well, it is about 15 minutes away from Panguitch.  If that does not help you, let's just say it's out in the middle of nowhere :)  We had to make a couple stops along the way, because little princess Ella is not a huge fan of her car seat. One of the stops we made was in Beaver, hence the picture in the giant rocking chair.  We finally made it to Hatch around 3 or 4 in the afternoon where we were greeted by family and friends. The weekend was filled with tons of fun activities.  You will never believe what I did...I made it to the finals of the mechanical bull contest!  Oh my was HILARIOUS!  My inner thighs are black and blue, and killing me!  I have the biggest bruises of my life from that beast!  The video that I have on here is from my first try.  I swear it is a lot harder than it looks!  There was also a water relay between all the families where my Dad and Sita lost horribly, because they sank the canoe with their "masculine" bodies!  We had other activities such as a chili cook off, skeet shooting, and firework show.  It was so much fun just to relax and be together with the family.  Thank you so much Walters for inviting us to join your family fun!